PROJECT INFO Remote Data Acquisition – Rain Gauge at Bengbulang

In January 2007, Jaksoft commenced work its pilot implementation of remote data acquisition solution to monitor liquid (rain) precipitation at Desa Bengbulang, Cilacap – Central Java.

This is part of our Weather Stations Remote Monitoring project with CV Mitra Adi Pranata for Balitbang of Provincial Government of Central Java. This Pilot Project was aimed to build weather stations network that can be used by BMG remotely. Each weather station has tipping bucket, data logger device, programmable microcontroler and GSM modem for sending-receive the data. Each weather station is self-powered by solar cell. The microcontroler controls station’s reporting schedule and receives command to send to control certain functions of the station.The data send back from the station is stored in database and can be shown on screen, sent to registered GSM phones or fed to other system for other utilization or analysis.

In this pilot project, the weather station is connected with flood warning system which will trigger the alarm in area threatened by flood based on rain volume data.

Tipping Bucket Solar Cell Our Engineers and the Server


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