Business Process Analysis

Your information technology system is only amplifying what you already have in your business process. It will not correct anything, that’s why there’s a say “garbage in garbage out”. With IT system in place, it will make good system better and make bad system worse.

So, improving business process will have significant impact on the performance of any business, and performance improvement can improve your competitiveness. This is the first phase that should be taken before putting any IT system to speed up your processes.

The first step to improving a process is to analyze it in order to understand the activities, their relationships, and the values of relevant metrics. Most of the time, we use business process mapping as the start. This will provide foundation to map, monage and improve business processes. Procedures and interactions are mapped to help facilitates the understanding of performance collaborations as well as business transactions between and across business units wthin an organisation.

The result of this phase is not always to be followed by software development phase. The result is mainly a cost/benefit analysis of existing products in the market versus our custom-made solutions. It’s build or buy decision or a mix of it.

If the result is “Build” then we will guide you to enter our Custom-based Solution Service. If the result is “Buy” then we will guide you to issuing RFP and Vendor Review including analysis models which consist of direct and indirect effects and project monitoring plan in observable service quality levels. And finally, as keys to successful implementation start in the analysis phase with key user buy-in. We work with you to develop and execute a strategy for phased implementation including test plans, user documentation, training, ongoing support, and most important, end-user involvement.