Project Execution

Executing software development relies a lot on people following procedures and supporting the process guidelines. We are strived to keep our people well-trained and utilizing any usable tools that can support keeping the process functioning well. It is a process discipline which is being perfected overtime since the day we have been established in 2001.

This process discipline includes several umbrella activities such as Reviews which are conducted to ensure that quality is maintained as each step is completed. Documentation which is developed and controlled to ensure that complete information about the system and software will be available for later use. And Change Control which is instituted so that changes can be approved and tracked.

Process disciplines are in managing a lot of details – configuration, translation from user scenarios to requirement modeling, from model to de- sign, from design to code, and manage the state of the code in unit testing, integration testing, sys- tem testing, etc. All these steps need to be done reliably and repeatedly.