Support & Maintenance

The maintenance phase focus on change that is associated with error correction, adaptations required as the software’s environment evolves, and enhancements brought about the changing customer requirements. The maintenance phase re-applies the steps of the definition and development phases, but does so in the context of existing software. Three types of change are encountered during the maintenance phases:

  • Correction. Even with the best quality assurance activities, it is likely that the customer will uncover defects in the software. Corrective maintenance changes the software to correct defects.
  • Adaptation. Over time, the original environment (e.g. CPU, operating system, peripherals) for which the software was developed is likely to change. Adaptive maintenance results in modification to the software to accommodate changes to its external environment.
  • Enhancement. As software is used, the customer/user will recognise addition functions that will provide benefit. Perfective maintenance extends the software beyond its original function requirements.

Support is our service that will assist customer to perform maintenance.