Online Commerce

One definition for online commerce is all kind of activities to supply commodities via online storefront which involve transfer of payment information across the internet in exchange for goods or services.

Online selling enables small business entrepreneurs to electronically commercialize products with no barriers of time or distance. ASP shopping cart web stores have expanded rapidly over the past five years and is predicted to accelerate. In the near future, ecommerce will mean that the boundaries between “conventional” and “ebusiness software” marketplaces will become increasingly blurred as more e-businesses transact portions of their industry operations and merchandise to web shops or online malls or marts.

However, is it applicable anywhere on earth? How about here in Indonesia where according to the World Bank data, 80% of it’s population are unbanked. Unbanked is not necessary equal to poor. A lot of rich people living in sub-urban or rural areas here don’t have bank account. This kind of situation makes the development of online commerce face huge barrier here.

So, do you want to develop online commerce in a challenging environment? Why don’t we work together. Community is the key to build an ecosystem required to build something efficiently and effectively.