We offer assortment of services that provides clients with options designed to address a variety of situations. The following is a brief overview of the services benefits.

Solutions Delivery services are focused on Consulting and Applications Development. These capabilities are based on specific groups of technology excellence. These services address current business challenges such as bottom-line business impact, process optimization, enhancing and integrating applications to improve efficiency, extending business reach through new channels, increase the life span and value of current assets and systems, decreasing customer acquisition costs, optimizing customer value and yield.

Specialized Technical Resources provide our clients with the services of technology specialists on a contract basis for specific hands on technology tasks, and for mentoring of staff or to establish technology best practices. These professionals are our permanent employees who are part of our knowledge base and are made available to our clients for agreed periods of time. These are stable resources that will carry the project through to completion. This special kind of IT Outsourcing enables our client to acquire and maintain a state of the art technology group while freeing the management team to focus on their primary business as well as revenue goals.

Jaksoft recognizes the importance of knowledge transfer and continuity of support as well as the need for an effective technical transformation process. Our Knowledge Services include Education and Technical Training.

Technically we can provide software engineering services to any industry. However, we can serve you better if you are part of telecommunication or financial service industries. Especially if your requirements closely related to payment switch, online payment system or remote data acquisition.