Custom-based Solution

This is our flag-ship, Custom-based solution, a tailor-made product that will fulfill customer’s expectation when no other product can.  Differ from off-the-shelf solution, custom-developed application can be adjusted to any of your requirement agreed within our contract. Custom-developed application also open other opportunities such as capitalizing your success story to other parties within your field of industry by selling our solution to them. We will be happy to negotiated the terms in our contract to accommodate such business plan.

Studies from several research entities have shown that boosting IT spending alone is not enough to boost productivity. It is not true that adding more computing power will surely help. Facts have shown that IT expenditures have little impact on productivity unless they are accompanied by first-rate management practices. Actually, companies can significantly raise their productivity solely by improving the way the operate. This why we call our service as Custom-based Solution because although it is IT-based, but it’s not IT alone that can make it successful.

There are predictions from Gartner Group that said : “Across industries, geographies and businesses, the use of IT as an engine for efficiency, growth and opportunity will remain undiminished, although it will be accompanied by healthy skepticism and smarter planning.”

Economic turmoils that hit the world or catastrophic natural disasters could made many of business and IT managers look to the future with uncertainty. Especially IT spending that easily seen as adding more cost. However, with careful planning which accompanied with enhancing management practices can paid the cost of IT investment with increased efficiency and increased revenue. And actually can give companies better chance to face bad times.

Which Initiatives are a Priority?
New initiatives must have real and measurable Returns on Investment (ROI). Common identifying characteristics will include:

  • Bottom-line Business Impact – Initiatives that “reduce ongoing costs, improve security, create more robust business continuity, allow the enterprise to forego capital expenditure, allow a transfer of assets, or have a rock-solid chance of improving revenue streams.”
  • Business Process Optimization – “Spending will be focused on application integration for process improvements and business activity monitoring to increase the ability to make improved real-time decisions and adjustments based on dynamic market conditions.”
  • Selective Outsourcing – Initiatives that shift selective spending from the capital to the operating budget. Businesses will consider whether a specific piece of technology, or business process, needs to be owned or operated by the enterprise.

What are the Opportunities?
Improving Business Through Technology
Many businesses will steer away from developing new end-to-end business applications and focus on the improvement and optimization of existing systems. One clear opportunity includes exploring under-utilized functionality of existing systems and applying best practices to improve related business processes. Other opportunities will require the use of new enterprise technology to:

  • Integrate applications to improve efficiency
  • Extend business reach through new channels
  • Increase the lifespan and asset value of legacy systems by web-enabling and exposing services
  • Capitalize on existing data assets by focusing on data integrity and access to information

Integrating to Improve Efficiency
One goal of improving business through technology is to address business process issues that are caused by:

  • Isolated applications built for a purposed “business function”
  • Inconsistent/fragmented views of customers and products/services
  • Duplication of data and functionality
  • Inefficient processes and manual errors
  • Complexity of consolidating data for analysis and reporting

Extending Business Reach
Another optimization goal is to improve business access to new channels by:
• Opening applications to customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors, and ability to manage them etc.

Web enabling
Using the Web to improve product/service visibility and capture new customers. Especially with 3G technology emerging, web enabling will provide any application with almost anywhere and anytime access (IP address, except it made private, is always visible through internet, and internet is accessible from fixed or mobile network).

Increasing the Lifespan and Asset Value of Legacy Systems
A fundamental problem of legacy systems is that their monolithic design entangles data, business logic and presentation. Our optimization service allows businesses to perform tactical improvements by:

  • Web-enabling legacy application to improve internal use and access
  • Exposing legacy functions using standard APIs, web services, and EAI tools for application collaboration; business logic can be discovered and repackaged for easier re-use
  • And finally, we have to extend the reach of enterprise information by building data dictionaries and XML messaging schemas to improve data usability

This improvement initiatives can be implemented in more condensed timeframes (e.g. 3-9 months) and can provide immediate benefits to your business by:

  • Allowing the business to increase market share and/or margin
  • Optimizing customer value/yield
  • Decreasing customer acquisition cost
  • Reducing large capital expenditures
  • Proactively addressing short-term business risks