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PT Jakarta Software Komunikasi [Jaksoft] is a privately held professional services company established in 2001 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. the idea of creating this company sparked off by the achievement of one of its founders, Benny Ohorella, as winner of Best WAP Application (WAP-based Islamic Assistant) in Asia-Pacific in Nokia WAPHotHouse competition. Together with our founder-advisor, Subhas Lakhotia, Jaksoft was established.

Most of its founders are from System Engineering Division of PT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia (INTI) made this company unique in its technology capabilities.  They are not only have good knowledge in software engineering but also in telecommunication technology and manufacturing.  It is not surprising that one of the projects in Jaksoft early days were supporting Siemens’ LBS implementation for Satelindo (including developing location-based mobile information application) and  developing a Vehicle Tracking System for Elnusa Multi Industri Komputer for Hiswana Migas fuel-tank trucks.

In 2003 with Subhas’ efforts, we became part of Sigma group, and this is the time when we gained deep knowledge in financial application fostered by our involvement in Sigma’s software development projects.  Some of those notable projects are the development of AEGIS (Astra Enterprise Global Information System) together with Balicamp and Accenture, Financial Mobile Gateway and Financial Transaction Switch to integrate banking applications to mobile networks and bill payment systems.  Also during our time with Sigma we got our own big projects such as from Siemens ICMN (now Nokia Siemens Networks) to build mobile internet portal and also integrate the solution with Siemens products for their Voyager project for a mobile operator, Three (brand name of HCPT, at the time of that project is of CAC) and from Komatsu to build VHMS (Vehicle Health Monitoring System).

Just recently, we decide that it is time to go further by establishing our own vision and pursue our own endeavor.  We are not part of Sigma group anymore.  Now we are doubling our speed in pursuing our vision to become a number one technology-based company in the field of payment system and remote data acquisition providing tailor-made products and services to our clients.

Currently, together with our partner, we are building a customer service automation application for Indosat. This web application aims for reducing loads at Indosat’s Customer Service offices and increasing customer satisfaction.


Our Values

Jaksoft is committed to delivering software engineering services that enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of our clients’ business. Two of our specialities are in the field of remote data acquisition and payment system applications.

Competence and Quality: Jaksoft has a common sense approach that takes into consideration the business reality, areas of pain, and potential areas for growth, as well as return on investment. Quality is a must at all times. Jaksoft is about good execution, competent work and quality results based on depth of experience and a strong knowledge base.

Exchange Relationships: Jaksoft recognizes the value of good exchange relationships. We strive to deliver value to our partners, customers and associates. Jaksoft contributes to their successes and, in return, we are rewarded with the improvement in the quality of our lives.

You will find in Jaksoft a business partner who listens and comes forward with a client-centric, creative, problem-solving posture. Let us identify the synergies, define the goals and get the job done. We both know why we are in this, so let’s push ahead together.

Strengths: Through the quality and experience of our people and knowledge base, we deliver superior technical services. Our culture, company stability, quality assurance and services formula provide added value to our clients.


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Send us your questions by email to adminweb@jaksoft.com or fill out this form at our Contact Us Menu.
Or you can call us at +62 21 5799 8913 (from 09:00 to 17:00 WIB) or send us fax at +62 21 5799 8988

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