These are some of our experience in delivering our solution. On a contract basis, Jaksoft’s permanent employees perform specific hands-on tasks, as well as mentoring or establishing best practices. We have the expertise to get the job done and an attractive service formula as well. Efficient execution, depth of experience, creative problem solving, flexibility, stability, good consulting and people skills, and geographic mobility are some of the service details we have learned are important to our clients and partners. We group our resources in 4 groups: architecture, databases, applications and development, operating systems of the architecture group spans across the other 3 groups.

Most people in Jaksoft are software engineers with ranks ranging from Technical Leads, Senior Software Engineers and Solution Developers. Applications expertise includes: Design Methods, Case Tools, Application Development N Tier and Distributed environments, Middleware and Back-End Development. These consultants do “new builds” as well as enhancements, maintenance, conversions and support work. Jaksoft professionals are proficient in best practices for application systems development and utilize prototyping and iterative design, development templates, application framework techniques, and version control and quality assurance techniques and software.

1DEVELOPMENT Software Only

AEGIS (Astra Enterprise Global Information System) for ACC (Astra Credit Company).  Together with Balicamp and Accenture, we developed an enterprise-wide system to provide an excellent finance business operations.  This system consists of Custom Retail Leasing, Custom Flat Leasing,  Custom Treasury and Payroll.

Develop mobile portal solution as part of Siemens ICMN Voyager Project for mobile operator Hutchison CP Telecommunication (now ). This portal was also functioned as an integrated platform to manage Siemens multimedia delivery system, mobile browsing platform and messaging system. This manager include user and operation functionalities, and reporting tools.

SERA is a payment gateway application (visit Telkomsigma Sera) we developed for Sigma Cipta Caraka (now TelkomSigma) to enable bank’s customer to access banking services through their mobile device.  It is an enhancement of our previous involvement in mobile message gateway and transaction switch. This application also connect various bill providers such as phone company (inc. cellular), electricity, credit card, etc. It provide such services that enable customer to top up their cellular prepaid card directly from their bank account.

Enhancement for Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS) application to monitor Komatsu‘s Large Mining Machines. VHMS has two functions for advanced diagnostics to lower machine operating cost. This enhancement is built based on existing VHMS Software. The first is health monitoring that keeps maximum operating conditions through preventive maintenance and repair to correct conditions before they cause extensive damage. Large-sized mining machines take substantial cost and time to repair them. It thus functions much like a “general practitioner.” The second function is machine operating management that functions like a “general hospital,” in which accumulated data on the machine and its systems is used to improve machine availability, productivity and machine component life-time.  See event published in our website.

Together with our partner TMI, we developed Web Self-Service & Online Booking or better known as Indosat myCare (previously, at the time of development it’s called Indosat i-Care) https://mycare.indosatooredoo.com/).  We handle JBoss implementation for this project and also developed the core engine for the application.

The Web Self Service Portal allows Indosat market prospect and existing customers to communicate online with Indosat to maintain their subscription numbers, packages, and other customer service features through Indosat mobile service or web access.

There are 2 (two) modules to build up WSSP. These modules are:

        1. Front end modules, comprising 2 main features:
          • On-Line Booking In this sales portal, Indosat prospects select their intended number before subscribe as customer. It will be openly accessible without the need to authenticate first.
          • Web Self Service. It is an after sales portal for Indosat customers to do access customer service features through Internet or Indosat mobile services.
        2. Admin Portal This an internally accessible portal used as dashboard and admin facility to maintain other 2 (two) modules.

    Payment Portal. Build Mobeli (http://mobeli.co.id/) an e-commerce portal for Jatis Mobile to sell digital products. This portal enables it’s users to purchase airtime top-up, electricity prepaid token, tickets or pay their bills online.

2DEVELOPMENT Software & Hardware

VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) for ELMIK to monitor HISWANA MIGAS tanker trucks to monitor fuel supplies from Balongan Refinery, Cirebon to Jakarta. The solution uses intelligent device consisting of GPS receiver, GSM modem and microcontroller board. GPS provides position-related data and GSM modem all data to the server. All operation in the device is controlled by the programmable microcontroller board. Captured data then stored to database that can queried for displaying the information on screen on top digital map or formatted them into management reports.

Weather Stations Remote Monitoring for Balitbang of Provincial Government of Central Java. This Pilot Project was aimed to build weather stations network that can be used by BMG remotely. Each weather station has data logger function, programmable microcontroler and GSM modem for sending-receive function. Each weather station is self-powered by solar cell. The microcontroler controls station’s reporting schedule and also able to receive command to send report at any time. This network of weather stations is connected with flood warning system which will trigger the alarm in area threatened by potential flood.  See event published in our website.


Fixed-Mobile Convergence Regulatory Study for Indonesia DGPT (Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication). This is a study requested by the DGPT to build recommendations for Indonesian telecommunication authority to handle fixed-mobile convergence from regulatory point of view.

Based on Indonesia Ministry of Communication Decree on Interconnection between Telecommunication Operators, each telecommunication operator must submit Regulatory Financial Report annually. As we previously part of Sigma group of companies (before the acquisition by TELKOM), we support them with technical consultants for their project to prepare RFR for Indosat. RFR consists of several report components such as assets return, WACC, RFS, statement of network costs, statement of network service costs, accounting separation that shows transfer charges and reconciliation to financial statement. We were involved in preparing statement of network costs and statement of network service costs.